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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post

Tyburn, I really find it ironic that you and other Brits lecture us about gun ownership given what happened within the lifetime of people that are still alive. Please read up on WW2. Pictured above is a poster from The American Committee For Defense of British Homes. They collected donations from private American citizens to help arm England to defend against a Nazi invasion of the British Isles. According to the last weekly report released by the committee on Dec. 6, 1941 (the day before the bombing of Pearl Harbor) private American citizens had donated and shipped 5,133 shotguns and rifles, 6,337 revolvers, 110 Thompson submachine guns and 642,291 rounds of ammunition. The committee was also able to procure from U.S. government surplus and ship to Britain a total of 13, 763 revolvers, 30,000 magazines and 1.4 million rounds of ammunition. Part of the reason you are not speaking German is because American "gun nuts" helped arm you and save your bacon. When your Muslims start their takeover, please don't expect us to arm you again. I have a feeling the help won't be there this time.
So sorry if what I am about to say offends anyone, but what PTM said typifies exactly what a lot of English people feel towards America, and why. I have to say, that I understand your culture FAR better then you understand mine. But when I am faced with such an outrage as the bloody pretense of smug "help" which only made matters worse...rather then telling the truth about these "Gifts" of defence to Britons...well I'm afraid we open the history books and tell the truth, I'm sorry if that reflects badly on America, or upsets good americans, that are my friends, and cant be held responsible for the wayward nature of a grossly obease Federal thing...but I will never the less tell afew home truthes...You would do the same if roles were you often do if I get my facts wrong

Oh...this would be help from Americans during the war would it? Americans that didnt even get involved until they were directly attacked...helpped us, and then pretend that THEY won the war?

This would be the America which helpped our nation by sending us "DONATED" supplies by sea across the Atlantic, and then in a time when it was loaded with cash and we had none because we had defended ourselves for years before the american intervention, turned round and told us it had been a loan, and expected repayment with interest which was still going on in MY lifetime.

I dont mean to be rude...but we would find ways of surviving without America...after all...the vast majority of our History, when we were at our height, with an Empire on which the sun never set, happened largely before "America" even existed in its modern form.

We survived the Normans, the Vikings, Nations that came and went in Our History before America...and Adolf never tried to invade this country. Why not is a mystery when despite your aid of firearms, we were a sitting duck after dunkirk. When all military stratagists lobbied Hitler, and rightly so from a germanic point of view, or even a sensible point of view if you want to win a war, to attack....He went for an insurmountable Russia.

Well..that will be the same reason why in a campaign of all night bombing, for fifty seven consecutive nights...something no American would know anything about since such an outrage never happened on American soil....the entire German Airforce, given a region, precisely one square mile in size, managed to miss the only large building and main target in the whole city.

You explain it. Or shall I? The Americans did not defend us...Our Defence came from GOD himself on both those two levels.

We are a shell of our former self...we lost everything, our Empire, our Wealth, our Power because instead of doing what was right, America left us to our fate...and then jumped in when we were almost dead on our feet, our Cities distroyed, our whole generation of men, dead.

So dont pretend that those arms were gifts...because we had to pay the Americans for everything they gave was hardly from the kindness of their heart. It was about capitalistic gain and investment which America did, in Central Europe.

Shall we talk about what a success that has been? My,My, on the eve of what can only be described as a Federal Europe, with a successor of the German Chancellor as its head. Post War Europe is made in whose image? Coz, correct me if im wrong....but wasnt this what we were physically fighting to stop about 85 odd years ago.

Or would you rather we talked about the muslims, who bombed our capitol because we helpped you fight your wars?

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