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Originally Posted by rev View Post
1) Are you kidding me?! Dave you are way smarter than that. The right to bear arms was for the purpose of defense. More specifically, it was to keep the local Militias armed. That being the case, based on what you are saying, we should only be allowed to defend ourselves with muskets?!

2) BTW. Over here in the USA, some of us love to shoot guns. Like, for fun. To some, its a sport. You can call it, trying to be more manly if you want, I dont care. We work, earn money, pay bills, then if we can afford it afterward, we purchase a gun or ammo and shoot. (and i promise you that none of us give a crap if anyone thinks we do it to be more of a man)
I have been quiet on this issue but man, come on.

3)AND! The comment before about banning guns that look like machine guns is nuts. So because a gun is black and has a larger magazine(that's a "clip"), it should be banned?

4) Well, then i guess we cant have black handled kitchen knives because they look like small swords and heaven knows that swords have been used to kill a whole bunch of people. Guess even machetes are out of the question as well. Sorry fellas, we are going to have to gnaw our ways throught the brush instead of using a machete because it looks like a sword. I can keep going based on this ignorant way of thinking!

5) A hunting shotgun with buck shot could have killed more people in less time than that kid with the AR15 did in CT.
The fact is, PEOPLE commit crimes. Not guns.

6) According to the FBI, the #1 wepon of choice in violent crimes is a baseball bat. Why arent people trying to restrict baseball bat ownership? Could it be because they are used also for sport? hmmmm. Imagine that. If you really want to split hairs, look at the baseball bat. Looks like a club. What was the original use for a club?....... you see where Im going with this?

7) The limits need to be reasonable, yes. No need for a citizen to have a full auto weapon or grenades. I agree. I know some lame arguments will be thrown my way on this and when I get back on I will shoot them down or reason with them, but they better be stronger than, "well they look bad".

No disrepect brother. I love you man. I hope I havn't made a bunch of folks mad but, come on.
1) What I was saying is YES...if the ideal was a right to bear arms, but not expressed that that limit should rise in responce to a Governments military, which I didnt know until Flo told me...then YES the right to bear arms would be the right to bear whatever arms only existed at the time of its writing.

2) thats not culturally compatable with modern day British culture. Remember, we dont really do cultural confidence...let alone having "fun" with what we ONLY associate with weapons of war. You have to understand that we dont hunt anymore, and we are not allowed weapons like that...except with the strictest of regulations. So we do NOT see that one could have "fun" with such things. We merely see them as weapons for war...their reason for being is to kill people, thats what they were made for. They are tools of war. Naturally therefore we would not be comfortable with using them in a blase manner, nor linking them with masculinity as if there was nothing unusual about them...most Brittons will NEVER SEE A GUN OF ANY TYPE do you understand that. If you do, then my position is a logical follow on of a culture that simply doesnt have that...Imagine what the Native Americans might have felt like when the first settlers arrived with firearms....they had never see hand guns before....well largely alot of English people are probably about as clueless...except they are aware of their existance.

3) to me there are only three different types of guns...Revolvers with the bit in the middle that spins round. Pistols, which dont have the bit that spins round, people tell me they can be automatic or semi-automatic...which someone said means that the more automatic they are the faster they shoot and sometimes you dont need to pull a trigger multiple times just keep it pressed down and it fires more then one. The third type is rifles...these have really long spouts and sometimes they have more then one hole. Anything with a big bit that drops out the bottom...thats a machine gun to me....People talk about gauges which I think is the size of the hole, and calibre which I think is the size of the bullets...beyond that I know absolutely nothing about guns...and neither should you expect me to...people in my culture that show an unhealthy knowledge are the sort of people who might do what happened in the school. In Harrogate...we actually do get to see some guns...because of Menwith Hill...there Ministry of Defense Police are one of only three types to be in possession of firearms. Being that we are the closest large store to the base (besides whatever they presumably have on the base itself) its not suprising we get strays in...though I personally dont think they should be armed when not at the base...for obvious reasons, noone wants to be the law abiding citizen to clarify that point to them

4) We are not permitted to carry knives either. though some people do. obviously we can own them because they have a function other then to kill people, that is to chop stuff up...but there is no need for people to have anything beyond a kitchen knife...I actually do collect knives...but I dont use them for anything. I like them because they look pretty...I only have about three, coz they cost an absolute bomb, but you can get replicas of all sorts of types.

5) I dont know what you mean.

6) I made that point about ceremonial mace before, but noone listened

7) but it did look bad Thats all I can say...I dont know nowt about guns, neither should I, im living in England, we dont have them here. I've already told you anything that I dont recognise as a revolver, pistol, or rifle...looks like a machine gun to me I'm sorry that I dont know any more then that really. I saw the photograph on the news...and I would say it was a machine was big and didnt fit anything else on my taxonomy, so I got it wrong, if you say its something else, whatever...I cant be blamed because ive got such a limited taxonomy of something that doesnt even exist in my culture...I dont think half the people in this country would know the difference between a pistol and a I personally dont think I'm doing too bad
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