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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
hopefully with the publishing of the report, the govt is able to make changes to the security so that something like this doesn't happen again .. it is never good to see people lose their jobs, but in this case, the people who lost their jobs looked like they made a mistake .. they only lost their job though ... others lost their lives .. sad .. but like i said, glad the report is out to show the deficiencies in the current security protocol ..

There are two factors to this situation. One, their security was crap and fled the scene when trouble started. That was the responsibility of the people who were fired. However, that problem is as least being corrected.

Second, the American govt did not send these people any help! That is being blow off and NOT ADDRESSED!

It's like they are pissing on your leg while telling you it's raining and expect you to believe it.

And the fact that most Americans seem to mindlessly buy this crap really pisses me off.
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