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Originally Posted by Max
that would kinda work except that he had the fight scored 30 - 27 which means he scored every round 10 - 9 Rich. If he were deducting points every time there was an illegal blow (the headbutt in round 1 and eye poke in round 3) he should have scored those 2 rounds 10 - 8 or 9 - 9.

Over all the card was ok. Im glad Dan won and IMO I had the fight scored 29 - 28 Hendo.
you really thought dan won? i really felt ace had it. my bro in law busts me when i faver a fighter and call bs, but i really felt rich won. ill watch it again and see what i think. now it seemd to me hendo was gassin out at the end, if this had been a title fight i think rich would have ground out the victory. youre thoughts?...
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