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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
small planes are easily accesible and would kill a bunch of people. and it wouldn't take two tons of fertilizer, he could use a couple hundred pounds and you can still get diesel fuel and fertilizer, so.....

i have a bolt action hunting rifle that will shoot 5 shots in 10 seconds, still pretty fast

would you be sad if those kids got burned to death or stabbed?
so he has access to small planes

in order to buy 2 hundred lbs of fertilizer these days you would have to show your
end use for it before they would sell it to him...but i thought you knew that so i didnt see the need to tell you that myself.

5 shots in 10 when hes reloading then what ?

every single person that was shot had at least 3 bullet wounds and as many as 11 for your right...a hunting rifle could have inflicted just as much damage.
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