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Originally Posted by BradW View Post
so you are saying he has access to a 737 or equivalent to crash into the school ?
or he could round up enough fertilizer these days to blow up the school ?

like i said before i dont care about your gun just pointing out that the easy access to semi automatic hand guns and assult rifles is the reason a lot of this sort of thing happens in your country...
whens the last time somebody killed a bunch of people in a few minutes with a hunting rifle ?

keep your assault rifles...i really dont care.

im just sad that these children had to lose their lives to one.
small planes are easily accesible and would kill a bunch of people. and it wouldn't take two tons of fertilizer, he could use a couple hundred pounds and you can still get diesel fuel and fertilizer, so.....

i have a bolt action hunting rifle that will shoot 5 shots in 10 seconds, still pretty fast

would you be sad if those kids got burned to death or stabbed?
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