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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
how is this any different from any other act of domestic terrorism killing innocent lives??? you said he couldn't have killed them without two hnadguns and a rifle, i showed you very clear proof and two incidences where others could and did kill without a single gun, you ignored that and then attempted to make me into a monster that was glad he killed 20 kids

why do the local law enforcement have assault rifles? will they ever need to kill alot of people in a hurry, aren't their handguns sufficient? tell me something, why shouldn't i have access to an "assault rifle"? what have i done wrong to have that right taken away?
so you are saying he has access to a 737 or equivalent to crash into the school ?
or he could round up enough fertilizer these days to blow up the school ?

like i said before i dont care about your gun just pointing out that the easy access to semi automatic hand guns and assult rifles is the reason a lot of this sort of thing happens in your country...
whens the last time somebody killed a bunch of people in a few minutes with a hunting rifle ?

keep your assault rifles...i really dont care.

im just sad that these children had to lose their lives to one.
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