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Originally Posted by BradW View Post
so you are comparing this to 911 ? and the bombing of the federal building ?...seriously ? you think its a good thing this guy killed 20 children with an assault rifle ?

tell me something..why do you feel a need to have access to an assault rifle ?
is that the best thing for hunting ? or you just like the idea of being able to kill a lot of people in a hurry...
how is this any different from any other act of domestic terrorism killing innocent lives??? you said he couldn't have killed them without two hnadguns and a rifle, i showed you very clear proof and two incidences where others could and did kill without a single gun, you ignored that and then attempted to make me into a monster that was glad he killed 20 kids

why do the local law enforcement have assault rifles? will they ever need to kill alot of people in a hurry, aren't their handguns sufficient? tell me something, why shouldn't i have access to an "assault rifle"? what have i done wrong to have that right taken away?
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