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Originally Posted by BradW View Post
...the answer is actually less guns.
In your opinion, but I disagree. Why do you think these shooters primarily choose places like schools, movie theaters, political rallies, etc. to carry out these shootings? Because the chances of them encountering no armed resistance are pretty high.

Notice how places like police stations or military bases are rarely attacked like this? It's because potential shooters know that places like that hare heavily armed and the chances of them getting shot as soon as they brandish a firearm are really good.

All gun control laws do is ensure that only the insane and/or criminally minded portion of the population has access to guns. In other words, gun control laws actually make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

Originally Posted by BradW View Post
none of them died from the knife attack but 26 died from the gun attack...
So that makes it all better? The problem is with people not inanimate objects.

Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Are you referring to my comment to Mike's post or something else? I believe in our right to bear arms, and in the right to protect ourselves, but I don't think having loaded firearms at the ready in schools is the wisest road to go down. How do you protect people in the school from someone who is already there, a teacher or a student, someone who is supposed to be there, and who now has this weapon? It's naive to think that those weapons couldn't get in the hands of people it wasn't meant for, OR, that someone in the school who has access to it couldn't one day go postal themselves!

What I said is below, and I think it is totally valid and not nonsense.
Really? Does that actually happen? Teachers just decide to shoot up all the students that they work with every day? If you can cite some examples, then go right ahead. Otherwise, I think it's a pretty far-fetched scenario.

Besides, IF a teacher was truly intent on shooting up all of her/his own students, then I don't think the current laws would provide much of a deterrent at all.

As for the students being able to gain control of the guns, that could be prevented with the most basic of precautions.

Again, it's the knowledge that the shooter is going to be encountering armed resistance immediately after brandishing the firearm that I believe would provide the greatest deterrent to these kinds of shootings.

Of course, no law is going to stop all forms of violence, because human beings are evil and corrupted by our very natures. However, laws should never stand in the way of law-abiding citizens defending themselves from evil actions.
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