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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I totally agree with that idea and I think simply the knowledge that the guns are there and that the faculty is trained to use them, would deter a large percentage of these shooters.

Kind of like that shooting in the movie theater during the Dark Knight Rises premiere. If just one of the theater patrons had been carrying a concealed weapon, then they could have stopped that shooter before the death toll rose as high as it did.

Of course, no security measure is going to stop 100% of threats, that's why you need overlapping security measures. Plus, I think the "if the guns are there then the crazy are going to get ahold of them!" argument is just nonsense. I'd like to see some statistics on how often these "crazy people" have been able to disarm police officers and use their own weapons against them. If the teachers are trained to use the firearms by the police, then you would almost totally eliminate that possibility.
so you think school teachers would be able to protect children with fire arms the same way police could ?
the answer isnt more guns...the answer is actually less guns.
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