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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Sick people in this world.

I propose teaching all teachers about gun safety and how to shoot. Then, every classroom should have a loaded shotgun in a locked cabinet. Each teacher would have the responsibility of defending their students.

Maybe the knowledge of armed teachers would be enough to keep these a-holes out of the schools in the first place.
I would like to know how he got into the school. I am a substitute nurse at the schools, have been for 3 years. I was issued a badge. A badge swipe opens the doors to the school. However, a sub's badge doesn't. I have to go to the main office and sign in like a visitor. They all know me. They all know why I am there. But I still have to state my business, sign in, and be buzzed in. One school even commented once that they appreciated me not getting impatient with this. So some must complain. I told them that I felt better about it knowing they always followed policy on this! I think this is the first and best line of defense.

Even though this boy was family to one of the teachers he should not have been allowed in. Teachers don't need visitors at the school.

Maybe he stole his mom's badge. I hope so! I wouldn't want to be the one that allowed him in.
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