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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post
No, that's hilarious! I saw it in an article once, didn't realize it had blown up so big, lol.

Urban Dictionary:

Smokebreak Fitch

A term used to describe what it is like to watch UFC fighter Jon Fitch fight. He is both incredibly successful and mind numbingly boring, due to his controlling wrestling and grinding down style of fighting.

An incredible athlete, yet hasn't won as many fans as his more exciting welterweight counterparts.

Although Fitch cares little for these minor details as he would not be nearly as successful should he not employ these tactics. Many mixed martial arts fans believe Fitch's style of fighting to be predictable and rudimentary, so much so they would rather pass the time during his fight having a break.
This recess is generally spent doing things like stocking up on food or beers, having a smoke(hence smokebreak), draining the lizard, parking a buick, rubbing one out, skinning up a hooter, going on a rant, starting a bar fight with a Jon Fitch fan(careful with this as he may try and wrestle you for a full fifteen minutes), trimming you're nails or any other mundane activity.

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