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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Who's Honey Boo Boo?
as someone pointed out ... she was on that show .. toddlers and tiaras and was noticed because her parents would hop her up on sugary drinks to keep her energized ... and i guess her antics are quite cute to some ... so she got her own show and its basically her life in small town south ... some people don't like the show, because it apparently paints southerners as redneck hicks ... i have seen a couple of episodes, and i can see how people would see that .. i am sure there is a lot of editing too, to also paint that picture .. i don't know .. the epidsodes i have seen, seems to me like they are good family and the parenting is pretty good ... doesn't seem like the filming disrupts the life too much and the kids are getting taken advantage of .. like that other show .. about 8 kids and their mom kate ...

as long as the family is getting paid and not getting taken advantage of by the network ..
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