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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Good news.

Hope you do better than NJ with your conceal carry law. In NJ, it's technically possible to get a CC license but in reality it's nearly impossible for non-law enforcement to get one. We have to show a REASON why we need to carry. Like the ability to protect your own life isn't reason enough. You'll only get one in NJ if you routinely carry large amounts of cash, etc. as part of your employment. Stupid.
In Florida you just have to take a class and have the license and fingerprinting fee. They also do a background check. No felons allowed to get one. It's about $125 all together. I took a hunter safety course when i was about 16 because you had to have it to get a hunting license. That qualified me to get the concealed permit.

I think people should have to go to a class to learn very specifics on when you can and can not use the gun you carry. In the last year I have had many aquaintences get a concealed permit that had NEVER shot a handgun before but now they are carrying it!

**I want a new Springfield armory XD compact for Christmas. it's just like my husbands but little. Maybe I'll convince him to celebrate by buying it for me!
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