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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
How can we know for sure when he started training? They might have put false info out there to make people think he had a shorter time to train than he actually did? You know what I mean? And Condit did quite a bit of damage to Georges' face. Yes, he lost the fight, but I think Condit's game, even from his back, forced Georges to raise his own. I think the fact the fight was as good as it was was due more to Condit and he deserves some credit.

Why do you think Georges is wanting Diaz now?
yeah, you could be right ... 0h, i give condit plenty of credit ... i thought gsp woulda ran through him (winning 4 outta 5 rounds imo aint bad) .. and i think condit did most of the damage to gsp striking from the ground (except when he kicked him in the head with a kick .. lol)

and gsp recovered pretty quick .... well, now we get to see rory and condit again in march, so that should be good .....
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