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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I really thought Condit was first, but if you say no, I believe you, Kevin. I thought Condit was supposed to fight GSP, then Dana switched him out for Diaz and put Condit with Penn, and when GSP got hurt, he switched Condit again and then put Diaz with Penn. I remember thinking how unfair all this was to Condit, the way Dana was jerking him around.

I understand about business, I just don't like when Dana tries to BS us when we know exactly why he's doing it. Mainly I don't like the unfairness, these guys work so hard for so long to make it to the top, and when some of them have finally made it, they get the rug pulled out from under them. It sucks!
They did jerk Condit around. When GSP got hurt, he was promised the fight in February. Then after Diaz beat Penn, they asked Condit to "step aside" and let Diaz fight GSP. Then GSP got hurt again so they just had Condit and Diaz fight for the interim belt.

In some cases I would not be that upset with making a different fight than going with the #1 contender, especially when there are a few who have arguments as to who is the top guy. But with Hendricks I think it is pretty obvious that he deserves it the most.

And I agree, these guys go out and bust their asses to get to the top only to step aside when they are the most deserving. Fights should be made based on who deserves it fighting, not who can stir up the most controversy. But that is the difference between catering to the sport side and the business side.
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