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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
Bonnie, it was actually GSP/Diaz first. Then Nick blew off the press conference so Condit got the fight, then GSP got hurt the first time. It was kinda interesting because they just swapped opponents as Condit was to fight Penn. Then after Diaz beat Penn, then they gave him the shot back, until GSP got hurt again.

Dana is running this as a business and not really using rankings. People want to see GSP/Diaz, including me. However, Hendricks is clearly the #1 contender and should get the fight unless they make Silva/GSP. Another prime example of Dana's way is with the LHW division. He gave the shot to Chael as that is what the fans wanted, but now Henderson is getting passed up by Gustaffson for being injured back in August. IMO, Hendo is still the #1 contender. It is like the starting QB getting hurt and losing his starting position when he gets healthy.
I really thought Condit was first, but if you say no, I believe you, Kevin. I thought Condit was supposed to fight GSP, then Dana switched him out for Diaz and put Condit with Penn, and when GSP got hurt, he switched Condit again and then put Diaz with Penn. I remember thinking how unfair all this was to Condit, the way Dana was jerking him around.

I understand about business, I just don't like when Dana tries to BS us when we know exactly why he's doing it. Mainly I don't like the unfairness, these guys work so hard for so long to make it to the top, and when some of them have finally made it, they get the rug pulled out from under them. It sucks!
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