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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post
I think most would agree that Hendricks deserves a shot, I mean he took out Fitch, Koschek & Kampmann who've all been floating around the top 5 for a while. However, I think GSP has also earned the right to ask for an opponent, especially one that he was scheduled to fight twice. Not to mention, more than a few people (I'm not one of them) believe Diaz won the Condit fight, and many of those also believe Nick has what it takes to beat GSP. So let's get 'er done & settled!
If I'm remembering correctly (and please correct me if I'm not) Condit was supposed to fight GSP first until Dana started jerking him around by putting Diaz in that spot, and then when Diaz had it, he blows off the publicity promotion he was supposed to be at. When I see someone treating that kind of opportunity so cavalierly especially when they were put ahead of the line and handed the shot, I have little patience or respect for them.

And I don't agree, I don't think Dana should be letting GSP pick his opponents. If no one else can do that, GSP shouldn't be allowed to do it, period. That's one of the things I don't like about Dana, he wants to play favorites with certain fighters and treat others unfairly. You say GSP has "earned", so what, others have "earned" too, but that doesn't seem to matter to Dana, or GSP for that matter! Dana is just using that to place Diaz in that spot; he is so transparent!

I guess Georges thinks Nick is the easier opponent out of the three. I think it will be funny if Nick ends up winning. I hope they get a camera shot of Dana's face if that happens!

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