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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Why shouldn't Hendricks get the shot next, he won, Diaz lost! So Georges is calling out the guy who lost? This ticks me off! Dana ticks me off! He's trying to make Hendricks out to be the bad guy, why, because he actually dared to think that fighting and winning his way up the line he'd be next to fight GSP. Diaz loses but he gets the title shot!
I think most would agree that Hendricks deserves a shot, I mean he took out Fitch, Koschek & Kampmann who've all been floating around the top 5 for a while. However, I think GSP has also earned the right to ask for an opponent, especially one that he was scheduled to fight twice. Not to mention, more than a few people (I'm not one of them) believe Diaz won the Condit fight, and many of those also believe Nick has what it takes to beat GSP. So let's get 'er done & settled!
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