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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
I don't see what the big deal is with Tito telling her to turn down the fight, I think it is smart to hold off a little. PED's or not, she will still have to cut weight and who knows how that cut will go. I think it is smart for her to try a trial cut and see.

Meisha stated that she was not offered the fight. And Sara, she is coming off an injury and doesn't feel ready yet. She is not well known and once she gets more recognized, they can then build the fight up as Olympic medalists against each other. Also, I don't see Sara as being the one to talk trash and call out Ronda....she has been pretty quiet and wanting to build herself more. I think this is just Ronda causing trouble.

This is all just the media looking for a story. The bigger question is, do you think Rousey/Carmouche is worthy of a UFC main event and a PPV? This fight is supposed to be in LA and I considered going until I found this to be the main event. Sorry, but not paying UFC ticket prices for this main event.
it doesn't matter .. Dana is in love .. and you can't talk sense into a man who is in love like he is .... its actually quite creepy ... i am sure dana wants to make money too, but if cyborg was on top and killing people, he wouldn't be out there drooling over her like he is rhonda ...

if cyborg fights rhonda, it will be the end of womens mma in the ufc .. she killed it once, when she beat gina ... she'll do it again ..
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