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haha .. nice one javi ... i try not to log in when i have had a few .. you can definitely tell the next day ...

the night of fights were good ... they showed the fights up here on sportsnet .. so they cut for commericials during the break and didn't censor nate giving the finger ... kinda dumb doing that stuff when you are getting your ass kicked ....

rory looked good ... i'd like to see that condit rematch ... i think the crowd booed him cuz of his antics in the cage ... nothing else ... there were also probably more penn fans, so that could also explain it ... herb was close to stopping it in the second, i think if rory kept it standing, he coulda finished bj ... shoulda, woulda, coulda ...

gustaffson doesn't want to be the number one contender and fight jones .....LOL .. he should have to fight phil davis in a rematch since jones is tied up ... davis will pull off another sick submission

as for hendo .. great performance ... nate couldn't do anything ... i don't know what rogan is saying though that 155 is the most stacked dvision though ...

oh .. and bj shouldn't retire ... dana should give him a shot at bendo to get that spark back!

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