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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
Yeah i have bonnie hes always rubbed me the wrong way. And yeah I think he's done.
I used to dislike BJ too, but I think he became much more humble in the past couple of years and that changed my opinion on him.

BJ's done, he won't fight again and I hope he doesn't. I would bet he is the next HOF inductee.

Benson has to be the worst UFC champ ever even worst than Cruz
He is not one of my favorites to watch either, but he was a step above Cruz IMO. I want to see how he does without that toothpick in his mouth as I know that is helping him focus and remain calm.

Rory did the Q&A at the weigh-ins in Montreal and he was funny and engaging with the crowd, and seemed like a nice guy. He does have that 'dead eye' look though...not sure if he's just supremely confident in his abilities and nothing bothers him, or if he maybe is a little psycho, lol. Either way, it would freak me out if I were across the ring from him. I wasn't impressed with his shuffling either, but hey, he's 23 and maybe not the brightest bulb on the tree. I'd really like to see him fight Condit again.
I was beginning to think that part of his problem is that he doesn't know how to interact with people very well. I thought he seemed incredibly awkward on that 'Road to the Octagon' show.

I would like to see him rematch Condit also. I did find it funny that he talked a lot of s#!t about BJ wanting to fight him for the wrong reasons ie. legacy, yet he wants to fight Condit for revenge and because he was humiliated. I like the Condit fight, but I think I would rather see him fight Hendricks for the #1 contender.
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