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Great night of fights! Not so great on my predictions though

Javi, not sure what your problem with Ben Henderson is...I thought he did a great job shutting Nate down, and it was a very entertaining fight. In fact, I think when GSP fights Nick, it'll look much the same.

Rory did the Q&A at the weigh-ins in Montreal and he was funny and engaging with the crowd, and seemed like a nice guy. He does have that 'dead eye' look though...not sure if he's just supremely confident in his abilities and nothing bothers him, or if he maybe is a little psycho, lol. Either way, it would freak me out if I were across the ring from him. I wasn't impressed with his shuffling either, but hey, he's 23 and maybe not the brightest bulb on the tree. I'd really like to see him fight Condit again.

Matt Brown looked great against Swick, that one really surprised me.

Anyone else wonder how on earth Abel Trujillo makes 155? He looks like a 185'er. I thought Gleison Tibau was as big as a lightweight could get...guess I was wrong!
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