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Thanks for posting these, Bon. I thought they were a good night of fights too but I was sorry to see Shogun and BJ lose as they did.

Adam, for once I was booing along with the audience at MacDonald. He was a d@#$ for disrespecting BJ that way, shuffling around, acting like Spider did with Maia. I was disgusted by that, I think Rogan was too as he dismissed what MacDonald said post-fight about Condit and said "let's talk about the present", or something to that effect. I'll never root for the guy after his performance tonight. (And sorry, Bonnie, I kept calling him Gustafson, oops).

Like Kevin said, he always seems arrogant and disrespectful, or just psycho.

OTOH, I totally enjoyed seeing Nate Diaz get his a$$ kicked. Also loved the Matt Brown win, wow. Nice one, two.
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