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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
There were a few times when the sound was muted on BJ's corner. And Nate's finger....did you see each time the fight went to a distant picture of the octagon? That was when he was flipping off Henderson.
Originally Posted by adamt View Post
did you notice they cut out to an outside view of the stadium, several times actually, right during and only during nate's fight. That wasn't techincal error, everytime that happened that was when nate was on the ground and shoving his middle in bendo's face

if you noticed on the intros that when they were introducing bj penn, half of the audio was cut out, that was neither an accident nor your tv reception, if you notice behind bj penn, the guy in the shades kept hollering the whole time, and it is clear he is saying motherf!@#$% and when ever he stopped saying it, the audio blipped back in, then it would blip out when he used the f word. you can pretty well guarantee that all those audio "difficulties/gaps" were censorship, not technical issues

there might not be a good way to solve that problem though.

as for rory, he was getting booed well before the end of the fight, it was happening at the start, so i didn't know if there was some history or not--- other than he's canadian
Oh, I guess I wasn't paying close attention when they cut away with Nate, or noticed BJ's corner, I did notice the audio blips but just thought it was technical.

I think Nate has proved himself as a talented, skilled, tough fighter, he doesn't need his middle finger and/or foul language as props.

All these antics just takes away from the pluses for these guys. It's a shame they can't see that.
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