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Default The Crown announce the Pregnancy of William and Catherine

They wanted to keep it a secret until Christmas...but couldnt when Catherine got such bad morning sickness they had to take her to hospital

Prince William, and the Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first Child

The Rules and regulations for the new line of succession states that from the Birth of the reigning Monarchs Great-Grandchildren, the order of Succession will pass in chronology of Birth, no matter what Gender is born and in what order.

Therefore if William and Catherine have two children, the Oldest Female, the Youngest is the Female and NOT the Male who will rule first

The Birth of this Child will subsequently remove, most probably, Prince Harry from the running order, as William AND his Children will all have to rule first. The Child will instanteniously be the Third in Line, following His Father, and his GrandFather...and of course His Great Grand Mother who is regnant now.
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