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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
See in England, its very different...I dont know why...the BBC does have a bit of a monopoly on the Media...and there are accusastions that when they report negatively, the Government force them to change...but because lots of our "Media" is NOT Specifically British, it cant be bias in that way.

Now the Papers are very different and very independant of the Media and the Government...people kinda ignore the TV in England I think
Well, the Obamas have blurred the line between press and tv media. You won't see him at a daily press meeting, "honestly" answering questions, but turn on the tv or radio and you'll probably have a better chance of catching him--he manages to make repeated rounds on late night tv and daytime talk shows or go on radio talk shows. We can't get the straight story on why four Americans were sacrificed in Benghazi, but the President has time to do talk radio with some DJ called Pimp with a Limp. Hmmm...maybe that's why he says these last four years just wasn't enough time to get anything done and he needs four more years.
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