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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
You can't really separate "the press" from "media", not anymore. They are not working for "the people", they are working for Obama, at least the liberal main stream media is. That's what is so completely unprofessional and openly biased they have been since Obama came onto the Presidential scene. If the public can't rely on professional press/news media to report important news stories without prejudice or bias, or to uncover lies we're being told, or to reveal the truth, who can we rely on?
See in England, its very different...I dont know why...the BBC does have a bit of a monopoly on the Media...and there are accusastions that when they report negatively, the Government force them to change...but because lots of our "Media" is NOT Specifically British, it cant be bias in that way.

Now the Papers are very different and very independant of the Media and the Government...people kinda ignore the TV in England I think
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