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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Our press had the power to get a screw-up like Obama re-elected. Our population is too easily controlled by the media.
Our press should be there for the public, holding our public elected officials accountable; they should be "the people's" eyes and ears, but sadly, the main stream media are just lackeys for Obama.

Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
You think the Press are responsible for the Re-Ellection of Barack Obama??

Also I think we should make a difference between Press, and Media...I am NOT including Television when I talk about the power of the Press, neither Radio...I am litterally talking about the Newspapers

The main stream media were and are a big part of the Obama machine, Dave. During the campaign (heck, during the first go-round and these past four years) anything that was viewed as negative to the President was barely covered or not covered at all; but any chance to make him look "Presidential" or "Commander-in-Chief" they were all over it. It wasn't just the newspapers, it was the tv ads, tv shows, internet blogs, social media like FB and Twitter, etc... You can't discount any media where Obama is concerned.

You can't really separate "the press" from "media", not anymore. They are not working for "the people", they are working for Obama, at least the liberal main stream media is. That's what is so completely unprofessional and openly biased they have been since Obama came onto the Presidential scene. If the public can't rely on professional press/news media to report important news stories without prejudice or bias, or to uncover lies we're being told, or to reveal the truth, who can we rely on?
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