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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Our press had the power to get a screw-up like Obama re-elected. Our population is too easily controlled by the media.
You think the Press are responsible for the Re-Ellection of Barack Obama??

I, personally, would have blamed that on two things, firstly, the weather the week before, and secondly I really dislike the whole ideal of the Electoral Collage

Also I think we should make a difference between Press, and Media...I am NOT including Television when I talk about the power of the Press, neither Radio...I am litterally talking about the Newspapers

We have a nice ballence of sides in our press, which means you can pretty much read the same stories, but from different political view points. So you read the Daily Mail and the Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph and they are calling Cameron a Hero for standing up for the Freedom of the Press...You read the SAME story in the Daily Mirror, The Independant and The Observer, and you find Cameron has betrayed the victims by being hesitant on the outcome...and The Time and The Independant will no doubt choose to focus on the fact the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister are vocal against one another. The Sun, The Star and The Sport all speak complete shyte, and you wouldnt really want to be caught dead reading any of them I often read both the Mail AND the Mirror...I therefore get the Right and the Left view on the same issue and I imagine the truth is probably inbetween
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