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I assume, with your system of Government, The Will of The People is supposed to be the House of and the Senate is...well, the Senate, one supposes?

In our Government, we have a House of Lords...those who are/were Land owners, and a House of Commons...those who were Commoners, representatives, of each your Representatives are of each State Government.

We recognise however that the joining of those commoners together IS The Government. We acknowledge that FAR from "Representing" us, they are part of the Establishment, and there to represent Not us to the Establishment, but the Establishment to us. Like it or not...since your Federal Government has grown chronically are in exactly the same position. Your State Governments, do not represent you to a Congress...Rather...they attend, and then return to their areas to carry out the representation of the Federal Government.

We therefore, acknowledge the need for a Dis-established Will of The People...because whilst Established, it only represents itself to us, rather then us to itself.

IMHO you guys need to do that, at least until your State Governments stop acting like County Councils....Then you switch to keeping your eye on them aswell, because rather then one federal'll find fifty of them The Press is where you can get your just have to dare to take them on. If they have done something wrong, name and shame them, tell the world, point and stare...they'll be petrified...they will cave under the pressure.

If Our Press can do that to our rabble of a Government, where everyone shouts at once and boos and the much easier will it be to impact the more refined modus operandi of Congress
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