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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Your press is corrupt. Getting the government involved is to supposed to improve things?
Our "corrupt" Press has the power to change Government policy in a matter of days....Noone wants the Government to be incharge of press regulation...the real question is...when the independant regulator is set up...Who makes sure THAT doesnt become corrupt? The Press? The Government? do you follow...who makes sure the independance remains, independant

Its bizzare that your Press are so would have thought that for a nation thats based on the will of the would have something that could ensure the Federal Government is kept in check. The Press is the voice of the people in this country...NOT the Government...the Press ensure that when our ellected dictators do naughty things, immoral things, or simply can not be arsed...that they get their dirty laundry aired in public...and the shame and humiliation is always too much.

Incidently...the Press it appears also has the power to put pressure on Courts independant of the, for example, a Military Court Marshall....oh yes they did....just this week...they ran with the story of the poor soldier who was presented with the gift of a firearm, and then got done for having it in his possession.

Lock him up and throw away the key was the attitude before the media got involved. Then, the whole world knew...and the Court Marshall found him innocent and released him within the week.

When will you guys learn, power doesnt lie with authority, it lies with public opinion....The Principles of Rome...SPQR....The Senate AND The Will of The People...well...if the Government take the position of Senate...then its The Press which takes the position, Will of The People. Even in the videos above the Government admit that almost the main duty of the press is to hold them to account.
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