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In Short, The Lord Justice says that the police and the Press have to close links and there now has to be official guidelines on what can and cant be reported, secretly, off the record so to speak, to Journalists.

The Lord Justice says that links between the Government and the Press are ALREADY too close to each other. However, Lord Justice Leveson has found the Conservative Party are innocent of the possibility that the Prime Minister and the Head of News International, on the ploy.

Lord Justice Levenson also looked at the Conservative connection to trying to sway the outcome of the British Sky Broadcasting TV Media, something one of the Cabinet Officials was supposed to have been doing...Again Lord Justice Leveson find the Government Innocent of any wrong doing in the matter.

Both of these are SERIOUS alligations that, had they been proven correct, would be liable to topple the Government all together. Whilst it was an independant review, one must remember, it was the Prime Minister who chose who would lead it...if we REALLY want to call Corruption, we only need say that Lord Justice is a friend of his, and thus unlikely to find him

Lord Justice Leveson has concluded that the Press Complaints Comission which is supposed to be the code of conduct for the Press is basically rubbish. He says that as any insitution, or person, the Press are subject to criminal and civil law, but he does feel there should be some proper regulation.

Lord Justice Leveson does not think the Press are able to regulate themselves, and so there must be an independant regulator, independant, supposedly, of press and government.

Lord Justice Levenson says that the Data Protection Act should be ammended to drop any extra ability of Journalists to use or get hold of personal data. The Government do not like that idea.

Lord Justice Levenson also wants some system of official rewards for those press who are prepared to go under the thumb of an independant regulator. The Government dont like this idea because it means producing legislation, and actually the prime minister doesnt want to put anything into Law specifically about the media, for fears of censorship claims.

The Opposition...the Labour party...the Left, believe that the Government should trust completely in the reccomendations of the Leveson enquiry, and should put this thing into law, should produce legislation specifically about the press, and recognition of the independant regulator....which would of course, be their way into future control of the press.
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