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The topics include the closure of the Levenson Enquiry. Lord Justice Levenson was charged with doing an investigation into the British Press because it came to light that some of the papers were hacking peoples phones and mobiles. He was to look into Press Standards...and of course what sort of constraints should their be on the press...people like me do fear a certain level of political grabbing of press standards going on because of course the one thing the press in england do equisitiley is hold the Government to account...we dont, therefore want the Government to have control over media standards do we

The Opposition then goes on about the level of unemployment and the work schemes in place by the governement. You views are that there are plenty of jobs out there...but people are way to choosy about what they want to do. My own thoughts on the matter would be very, very simple. Bring back National Service...and force people who can not get a job in six months, to go back to the forces in some way, shape or form....believe me, they would soon decide that being a bin man...or doing two part time jobs, rather the one full time was worth it. We work for money, not for pleasure...the sooner that jobless realize that, the better.

Compensation for the flood victims is raised...difficult subject. Most of England is below sea level, and most of the entire middlands are a flood plain for one of our greatest rivers. The last couple of years have seen horrendous water rises, mainly due to precipitation, but its the same rivers that burst their banks over and over, and thus the same villages washed away time and again....its gotten to the point where the inusures for those areas wish to decree flooding as an Act of God, that they dont need to pay out for Now there is the issue of flood defences...I guess the problem their is, they cost money....

A Fascinating Question arrises from the back benches...will the Government move to vote in favour of recognising Palestine as its own state, and give it, without condition, the full United Nations honours? The Prime Minister handled it very well. He said "We can wish for all we want in the United Nations, but" and went on to say that the two sides have to work things out...or not...for this sort of thing to be resolved.
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