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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post
I think Georges should move up to 185 & fight him now. I watched a Best of Pride fight between Anderson and Carlos Newton at 185 last week. Carlos had no problem getting Anderson down, and holding him down for much of the first 10 minute round. Georges is bigger than Carlos, as far as height & reach, and obviously his specialty is grinding out the decision in that fashion. If he loses, oh well, it was to the GOAT at 185.
I assumed Georges normal weight was closer to 185 so I always thought it more likely he would be the one to move up and fight Anderson for the MW title...never understood people talking about "catchweight"...what's the point in that for either of them?

Georges is fudging...again! There's probably a greater chance of one of us winning tonight's powerball than us seeing this fight happen. He clearly doesn't want to fight Anderson. I just wish he would stop hemming and hawing about it! Just say the words, "I DO NOT want to fight Anderson Silva!" It's just cruel to let DW keep thinking and dreaming about all that money!

Since this ain't happening, I'd like to see GSP/Hendricks next!
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