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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
"the forrest of bad vibes" I wouldn't want to be in there after dark! Twenty miles, that's a good long trek, how many miles of that do you cover on these walks?
As much as I can in any one go thankfully I was away from the forrest of bad vibes by the time it went dark, but it was a close call...sunset over runimud mount...had I been just a half hour later in leaving Pannal...

Generally I do maybe a whole day or two of treking on a usual holiday, so march and october. My aim is to cover it all in the next year or so, because after that I have plans to make my TTEOTE Project go much further afield....but before I have that capability, I need to tackle the whole of Harrogate. Like I say...all the major woodlands are covered...its about the path the trail takes to join the dots together so to running behind, coz I'd wanted to do hookstone/Harlow this past week...and only managed half of it...I forgot it gets dark so early this time of year....such a shame
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