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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
The full ringways is twenty miles Most of that will be Nidd Gorge, The Knaresborough Round, Hookstone Woods, and Birk Cragg...all of which I know...well...I got about half of Knaresborough Round...what I dont know is how these independant areas are connected to one another. For Example, Hookstone is pretty much South Central Harrogate. Birk Cragg is pretty much due west of Harrogate...I dont know the route between Hookstone and Birk Cragg...well...I know some of it...which is what you can see above....the trails leaves Hookstone and crosses Hornbeam Park industrial estate, and passes Saint Michaels Hospice to arrive in the residential area of Fullwithmill. Cross Leeds road, and you enter the Stone rings residential area, the trail then heads south down almford banks, and further west to Pannal, then south past the ducks to the forrest of bad vibes, and then north through bull fields...but then I lost the light and had to crash land in Rossett residential estate...this is only half way...somehow the path goes on from there to arrive at otley road...cross otley road is RHS Harlow Carr Gardens, and on the other side of that is Birk Cragg

Birk Cragg ive covered completely...but it joins to Oak dale, and oak dale comes out onto Killinghall Moor...I've done the lower part of killinghall moor, because after that you reach the Jennyfields Residential Estate...and I live at the most northen tip of that.

Beyond me North is the roundabout Woodlands which I have covered...but then you swing west and somehow you get from their to the idea how...but the Gorge, which ive gotten to through the Greenways path which is in the centre of town and leads out to the gorge..ive done, completely. You go all the way through the gorge from west to east and pop out at Knaresborough. The route then joines the knaresborough round, which goes in a loop around knaresborough between burgess bridge in the gorge, and abbey road...I've done the front half of that...but not the bit that goes around beyond Knaresborough. Then...somehow...and I have NO IDEA about go from abbey road in Knaresborough, and go all the way to stonefall park...then through the showground, et voile, you find yourself in crimple beck and Hookstone woods just beyond.

"the forrest of bad vibes" I wouldn't want to be in there after dark! Twenty miles, that's a good long trek, how many miles of that do you cover on these walks?
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