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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
What is the "ringways"...are these paths or roads that connect Stonering and Pannal? Who owns this land where you are walking? Is it natural areas for public use?
The Ringways is supposed to be a trail which goes round the entire town and Knaresborough aswell. In theory I could start at Stonerings, and go right round the town following this path and end up back where I started.

I know parts of the Ringways where it runs through the Nidd Gorge and Birk Craggs...but other the part that connects Hookstone to Birk Cragg Im still investigating...and this is part of that investigation...I do a little bit more every time im on holiday.

The path itself is a public footpath, so the land will be owned by Harrogate Borough Council...but what usually happens is that this path goes through cracks between residential properties, or goes along the side of fields owned by farmers, sometimes the paths even go right across farmland...thats why you must stick to the path...coz its basically an aggreed route across someones property
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