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Incidently, my Father is both...He is (when employed) a Minister in Secular Employment...which means he works as some kinda engineer in electronics. This naturally means that he doesnt have a stypend...he gets no payment from the Church of England largely because he doesnt want a church...he merely helps out at whichever he is liscenced to....this would suit a part time Minister in Secular employment, who maybe works somewhere else, and then does this on a weekend and so together works full time...does that make sence

I know, certainly, that those ministers in the armed forces, they are soldiers like all the others. Whilst its not true that Hospital Chaplains are Doctors...the Prison Chaplains are somewhere in between...sometimes they can be fully employed prison service...and sometimes they are loaned from local churches.

I recognise that as the UFC travels alot and exclusively uses large cities, there will always be an abundance of churches close by...but thats not the know what we REALLY need is a Retired Fighter whose also a Minister of Religion...thats what we really need....someone who feels not only has GOD called them to ordination, but also that GOD has given them the specific ministry of dealing with other fighters.
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