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Originally Posted by Pastor Chris F View Post
Dave MMA is not a team sport in the traditional sense. I think a fighter would be wise to add one to his or hers support team if they were followers. And I agree a company guy for the UFC would be nice but difficult to pull off because he vast differences in faith these days. But a chaplain at a show there to talk to the guy who just got beat on the undercard and may have trouble paying the bills and is real bad off, it would be really nice.

I would love that gig.
Well thats sort of what I was thinking. Just a Minister employed, or paid a small stipend, to be available on fight night/between Weigh-ins and Post fight press conference...incase someone needs to talk.

The "Vast differences in faith" is certainly not something the UFC are under any obligation to sift through. In an Eccumencial perspective, the Chaplains are not there to replace the church pastors of the individual fighters...if you are for example a Presbyterian, and the Chaplains a Roman Catholic, then that doesnt mean that you cant use the Chaplin in an emergency...nor does it mean that each fighter must reject all their denominational worths...its complimentary to spiritual imput they should already be getting if faithful...and a port of call for anyone, who maybe doesnt have faith, but simply needs to speak. I know the Universities become ridiculous, they have a Roman Catholic Chaplin, a Church of England Chaplain, heavens, what next? A Greek Orthodox Chaplain?? I know in some Hospitals, they have a Chaplaincy Centre, with several different churches basically seconde members to it and they work in partnership...but I'm not suggesting anything like that at all!

I think the only time it would get difficult is, if in response to the employment of a Christian Chaplain, a Fighter of a foreign Faith were to lobby the UFC to employ, I dont know, and Islamic Chaplain or something...but the chances are that the employment of a Chaplain will be largely under-used, and so not warrent the outrage...chances are noone will go speak to the Chaplain, so he will have to just be a "presence" so to speak, and then, maybe over the course of a year or so, some fighters may speak to him in passing...but probably he wont get searched out, if that makes sense.

Perhaps introduce him at a fighter summit, pay him a stypend, but a reduced one bearing in mind, the company would be paying for his travel and accomodation...perhaps have two, a male Roman Catholic, and a Female Protestant, and ulternate events...only ever paying the stypend to one at a time, if that makes sense...its only two days friday and saturday...IDK...

I just wondered if they'd ever thought of it...maybe the top brass are just a bunch of heathen, who knows
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