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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Certainly in Egypt.

I'm no defender of Hosni Mubarack in terms of his dictatorial rule...but there are plenty of dictatorships like his in the world...his people may have been starving whilst he was not...but too my knowledge he didnt perform genocide on them, he just ignored them when they kicked up a fuss, he was pro western and maintained Egypt as the most liberal of arab islamic nations, and always went quiet when Israel moved on Palestine, whether she was justified or not, he, and Jordan almost never get involved.

I'm annoyed because I happen to think that Jordan is actually an alright nation, and I shall be distressed if the arab spring topples the Monarchy there, that would be a terrible shame, because the King of Jordan has put a lot of work into reform, rules with a Parliament, doesnt maltreat his people, and doesnt commit genocide, stops the country being a radical islamic state, and he's a Monarch...and I happen to think that a Benign Dictatorship is actually one of the best and most peaceful forms of governance...the issue is most dictatorships are not benign, and most people are not content enough within themselves...the mere word seems to imply a lack of freedom....but lest we forget what system of governance rules the Heavens...and even before the Kings of Israel...those Judges of Israel were Pseudo-Kings anyway

Christian Kings recognise that there role is to Rule Justly and to Serve their Nation, and Christian people recognise that The Monarchy is the embodiment of their nation, all its history, and all its traditions, that the monarchy is supposed to be reflective of Christ The King, and will protect them and their faith from foreign attacks. Christians recognise that a King is not simply an accident of birth, but that GOD himself has appointed, in the same way as GOD appoints people to Ministry, Ordination, Consecration (albiet the church as a fallen insitutution often gets in the way of this somehow) This is the Devine Right. As The Bishops would say "Devine Permission" This of course is the ideal of Monarchy, and yes its, largely dictatorial but if the right person is on the Throne, like Our Queen Elizabeth for example, then it works.
Well, apparently, we didn't learn our lesson with Iran in 1979 with the Shah and Khomeini, and with Obama's ideas of appeasement and denial, we might well see again the scenario of what happened with Hitler and the Jews. While Obama sticks his head in the sand, Iran arms Hamas and other enemies of Israel and continues with it's goal of nuclear weapons. America better wake up, if Iran can reach Israel, we will be next! Obama has shown his hand with Benghazi so they feel free now to attack Israel with no fear of retaliation from the Obama administration. I still can't believe they re-elected him!

People say they are tired of war, they don't seem to understand that we can never let down our guard again, our enemy will never stop trying to kill and destroy us. From what I'm hearing on the news, some idiots over here think Israel is wrong to be firing back on Gaza! She was fired on first and is trying to protect herself, and somehow that's wrong? I'm guessing these are some of the ones who voted to keep Obama!
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