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Default Chaplian To The Fighters

You know I was thinking

In a lot of large multinational companies, particularly capitalistic ones that are very expensive, will aim to provide services for their employees. One of which is often the service of "Chaplain" an ordained minister which is available within the establishment, sometimes only once a week or once a month, sometimes everyday....Most of our Government services, and the Civil Service will also have you'll have Prison Chaplains, Military Chaplains etc.

I wonder if the UFC has ever given thought to having a Fighter Chaplain...especially as a lot of Fighters often talk about it spiritually speaking even when they dont profess to be at all religious in terms of established faith.

I was thinking of ways in which the UFC could do this, because obviously the fighters are spread out over the entire world and largely separate outside of an event. I suppose you would have to have the base at the Headquarters in Nevada, im sure that they could create one room for a small chaplaincy.

Then you could have the minister taken to every event, and turn a room of the venue into a chaplaincy for say the week before the event or something.

IDK...maybe its a really dumbass thing to have made a thread about...but sometimes everyone needs to be able to talk about their work and stress to someone...I mean, the chances are the UFC already have some kind of counselling service for fighters....if they dont, they really would be a little like an enhancement to that....

just a thought
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