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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
The second one is quite a standard choral anthem type version, its a bit strange, but once it gets going it flows so nicely that by the time they re-introduce the bass stanzas on the opening phrase, it makes more sence against the harmony

The first one is done by a group called Libera...which is Latin for "Free" or "Save" its where the root of the word "Liberation" comes from for example "Libera me domine di morte aeterna" means "Free me", or "Save me" or "Liberate me" "Lord from Eternal Death" Its a word most commonly found with the Requiem Literny, which of course is what the early part of the Kingdom Season is all about, remembrance of the dead, followed by Judgement, which is what the latter part of the season hinges on. Their Style is a Trebble based Choral, and many of their pieces are ethereal to put it best. If you enjoyed that, you might like to listen to the Lament For Jeruselum, Which is based on Jeremiahs Lament (O Vous Omnies) which describes the level of distress that Jeremiah feels when after the Babylonian Conquest. Jeremiah pleaded with Israel to listen to the Lord and to stop being a Rebellious House...but he was unsuccessful, and when their was a rebellion against the Babylonians, the superior power squashed the Temple quite litterally and stole all of the Consecrated Items. This pretty much distroyed Jeremiah who loved the Temple and was thus forced to witness its demolition.

We must remember, that as we reflect on the Kingdom Season, Israel and Palestine are once again tense with each other. I warned people when the arab spring happened, that removing Hosni Mubarack was a bad idea because of its allowance to let the Islamic Brotherhood come to might like to know that Israel probably wont be invading Palestine any time soon...why? Because for the first time Egypt has decided to take sides. Egypt has always been silent to the Palestinians under its threatening to defend them. Democrasy in the middle east has lost the west a friend, and threatened Israel further.
Yes, Israel is now surrounded by enemies. You think this is all a part of GOD's plan?

Here is one excerpt from Col. Oliver North's comments from yesterday:

NORTH: The only way to stop what's happening right now to the people of Israel, which is dozens of rockets being fired against civilians, is to go to the place where they all originate, and that's Iran. The pressure ought not to be put on the people of Israel or the government of Israel.

What we're seeing is publicly Obama goes out and says they have the inherent right of self defense, but privately what's happening is Israelis are being warned not to go on the ground. As you just reported, they're on the edge of it. They're going to have to if they're going to stop this. Ultimately, the pressure against Israel doesn't come diplomatically. It comes by threatening to cut off the parts chain for those F-15s and F-16s that they are going to need in order to keep their airplanes in the air and God forbid have to do a strike against Iran.

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