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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i think when its all said and done and gsp is regarded by most as the greatest ww champ ever and possibly greatest fighter ever, he wont really care about what a few have to say about him .... just my opinion
At least you stuck "by most" and "possibly" in there. Everybody has their favorite(s) in different sports they like, this is no different, doesn't mean they're a "hater", just means they aren't a fan...nothing wrong with that.

And I don't think it's unusual that people would take notice and comment on the fact that since re-winning the title in 2008, every fight except one, has gone to decision. He's the champion, it's natural for people to ask, "Is he playing it safe?"..."Why isn't he able to finish some of these guys?"

This fight with Condit was better in my opinion. Even Anderson said, "...this is new George, this is new, I like it."
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