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Default The Kingdom Season Reflection Thread

The Kingdom Season has to be a favourite time of the litergical year for me...its a time of Feasts, Remembrance, and reflections on the Second that order. First the Feasts, Harvest depending on when you choose to celebrate it, MichaelMass, depending on when you actually start the Season, The Feast of All Saints, The Feast of All Souls, Remembrance Sunday are all encourperated into this season. Its a misnomer that the period of Advent was shortened, and at one time was actually a full forty-sixty day period. That was added on to Trinity season.

Recently, in the last ten years, there has been a recurrance of this "Kingdom Season" in Christondom, because it nicely encompasses all the feasts and allows a proper close to the year, rather then packing both visitations of Christ into just four weeks.

so here is several versions of the Mysterium that I hope you might find useful as a Kingdom Season reflection....Not to be confused with Magnum Mysterium (Which refers to the Incarnation) The "Mysterium" refers to the Judgement and is based on the Oracle of the Prophet Habakkuk who says "The Lord is in His Temple, Let all Earth be silent before him"
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