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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I wish I could watch the first part of that video to see what the case was about in the first place. I don't understand why it was dismissed. But I guess if the lady was depending on that guy to share the financial responsibilities then she deserves whatever she gets.

Judge Judy had it right, though. All that taxpayer money right into the sewer.
yeah makes me wish i had time to watch judge judy, i tend to like her now

i have two thoughts, first, i really think there are alot of people like him, and i mean alot

second, it is ironic, cause most of the judge shows come on in the middle of the morning and the hardworking people who are out at work are not the ones getting to watch the judge shows, so, and i may be wrong, it's people like him who are watching judge judy in the first place, not people like me who have much better stuff to do
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