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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
when you said bible thumpin gun lovers i figured you were talkin about conservatives ... my bad ...
understandable i suppose, but i am not so sure that conservatives nowadays are really conservatives at all, though i would say more people would claim to be conservative than not

maybe we could mandate a vote from everybody eligible----that would be true democracy

although this isn't a democracy, it's a republic

or we could go back to how the founding fathers did it and only let established competent citizens vote, which of course in their era could only be regulated by land possession, and no i am not advocating anything, especially not banning women from voting, i am just posing hypotheticals, but interestingly enough, it was a given that husbands and wives would vote the same way so why cast two votes one way and just let them both have one voice, like the bible says, two shall be one

or lastly we could mandate that every competent citizen vote

right now any welfare bunny or baby can vote, any idiot can vote, you don't have to have id, you don't have to speak english, you don't have to have a job, credibility, pay taxes, own land, own a car, have a family, have an education, or know anything about politics-----yet they get to decide the fate of the country

this guy can vote, how do you suppose he voted?
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