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I always find it humorous when Canadians try to figure out American politics while sitting on the sidelines.

RNC, it seems pretty clear that your impression of American politics is formed by the media, which means that you are only getting a tiny fraction of the bigger picture. You need to move to the United States and live here for several years, before you can really pretend to understand the whole conservative/liberal, right-wing/left-wing, Republican/Democrat dynamic. In fact, I've known people who have lived here all their lives and still don't fully understand it (usually because they've never travelled outside of their county lines).

However, RNC, I still don't understand your fixation with Barack Obama. Considering your level of devotion to this man you've never met and who has almost no impact whatsoever on your life, I can only imagine that this is what some would describe as a "boy crush."

Finally, let's not forget that many conservative Christians where conflicted about voting for a Mormon and thus decided to sit out this election. I know for a fact that I was conflicted about voting for someone who followed a cult like Mormonism, however, I felt that it was too important of an election to simply not vote.
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