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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
i'll tell you something else...Time and Money...I have seen dedicated fans, stop paying for all UFC events coz they cant be afforded...and on youtube, people who did predictions for every single event and recaps...

It takes maybe three-four hours to create a single video...if you are doing a prediction for one, and a recap for another, almost EVERY WEEKEND...

loads of people have stopped, or chosen to only focus on some...its sad...I am about to join them in downgrading my MMA youtube services because, the other thing is, with so many events around, noone wants to watch THAT many events PLUS all the predictions, PLUS all the recap videos do they??? one a month, maybe two was fine...but its not fine now.

As from now I am scrapping all recap videos unless there is something truely awesome to speak about. I am only going to do quick picks on a few of the fights I care about for all superflous events, I am scrapping the entire predictions in beief project and just mentioning a few fighters I care about in weekly blogs instead, along with the results in terms of predictions and fighter of the card awards. ONLY numbered events are guarenteed full predictions and full recap videos...and if the UFC dare to raise the amount of those next year, I will have to cut the recaps of them also...I just havent got time...and people on this forum dont care as much as they did, and frankly, thats true on every mma forum I post on...I spread my base last Fall and am now regular/semi regular on several others...and its the same everywhere you go.
It's not a matter of people not caring, Tyburn. I don't look at any videos unless it's the sole subject of a post. I don't usually read comments that are lengthy - and by lengthy I mean more than 2 sentences. I always thought you made the videos because you enjoy doing them. I think it's safe to say that everyone is busy with their everyday lives and now that information flows so fast, we all have to pick and choose. It doesn't mean I don't care, I like you very much! But unless the caption says something like "don't click this, the link goes to the worst toe injury you've ever seen", well, I'm not going to click it (or in Mike's case "link to the biggest tatas in the universe" or in Nate's case "link to the most awesome Star Wars outtakes" or in Ben's case "greatest VCU 3-pointers", you get my drift).
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