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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I had no stake in that fight last night, so being a "sore loser" has absolutely nothing to do with it. I didn't even remember that the fight was going on until last yesterday afternoon. I think my beef is more with the GSP fans being ungracious winners.

There is simply no need for the insults or name-calling just because someone happens to not be a GSP fan. That is their decision to make and it is ridiculous to think that you have the right to dictate another person's criteria for fandom. Yes, we can acknowledge that he is an amazingly talented fighter, but that doesn't mean that we need to be a fan of the guy.
Exactly. That's why in my predictions I picked GSP but was rooting for Carlos. Most of us are not going to forget that classless nonsense about "I'm not impressssssed....".

That said, I did watch the fight last night and it was a good one.
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